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Why Choose Us?

Our software development skills are nothing short of world class. Over half of our business comes from clients who have had poor experiences with other software developers in the past and want us to redo their project or take over development. That is why our official motto is "Experts you wish you called, the first time".

What makes Pleasant Solutions world class?

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Over $1 Billion in revenue depends on our software

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  • Security Audited
  • Fast Growth 50 Award, Venture Magazine
  • Bell Mobility
  • PCL Consturction Company
  • Molson Coors
  • MLS Listings
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • Xerox
  • Alberta Health Services
  • Prior to coming to Pleasant I was quite concerned about taking DocumentBuddy to another developer and having to start over. I often tell people that it was the best decision I made and can not believe how seamless things went.

    Jason Starchuk, Owner, DocumentBuddy

  • Pleasant Solutions has been excellent to work with. They provided a quality product on an extremely tight deadline, were very accomodating and appeared to do whatever they could to make the project a success.

    Sandy Allen, Program Director, Mental Health First Aid Canada

  • They have an incredible ability to find and fix these obscure problems in code written by other individuals. They have never disappointed in being able to improve the design to eliminate the problem or propose workarounds.

    Peng Zhou, Software Development Manager, Advanced Measurements

10,000's of office users

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Capacity: 15+ simultaneous projects and 250+ client programming requests monthly

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Serious About Success

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We’re at the Global Petroleum Show again this year in Calgary in June. Come visit us.

North American

Pleasant Solutions USA is proudly an American company, headquartered in Wyoming with 8 offices across the US. The parent company is headquartered in Edmonton with 16 offices across North America. We produce high quality work that is never outsourced overseas.

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