Online Classic Games


A graphic of a clipboard with paper attachedThe Client’s Need

Metamorphosis Productions International’s debut product. At the time, MPI needed to carve a presence in the very competitive multiplayer games industry: to rise above competitors in terms of flexibility, visual appeal, and smoothness of play.

A graphic of 4 interlocked puzzle piecesThe Project

An entire production from concept to retail ready packaging, programming to graphics, and game server to administration back end. The server needed to handle 1000’s of players with a single commodity server and minimal bandwidth. The playing was smooth even with old “modems” slower than 56k. The rules engine handles more rule variations of each game than any competitor. The product allowed for complete rebranding and visual changes so it could be used by other game publishers, in whole or in part.

Game servers demonstrate our expertise with many-user systems.

A graphic of gearsComponents

  • Base program
  • Plugin architecture
  • Highly optimized server
  • Automatic update engine
  • User interface customizer module
  • Game rules engine (millions of variations)
  • Artificial intelligence with fuzzy logic and probabilities
  • Game statistics reporting
  • Layered graphics processor
  • Error and usage information server
  • Heuristic game rule summarizer

A graphic of a USB thumb driveTechnology

  • C++
  • Borland VCL
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Win Forms
  • Windows Sockets (TCP)
  • ActiveX
  • Win32 API
  • PHP


  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server

Note: 40+ contract artists involved