Improving Business Operations

Oil Industry Challenges

A graphic of a clipboard with paper attachedThe Client’s Need

An oil recycling company, Van Brabant Oil Ltd., needed to start digitizing some of its workflow in order to improve truck dispatching performance, and reduce paperwork and waste.

A graphic of 4 interlocked puzzle piecesThe Project

Pleasant provided a self-dispatching system that integrates a series of modules, including inventory, customer management, and order creation, with the client’s accounting software. Each truck driver was equipped with a hand-held mobile device that displayed only appropriate  information, which enabled them to self-manage their own dispatching.

Portability must be integrated with business systems to deliver true efficiencies.

A graphic of gearsComponents

  • Mobile device capable self-dispatch software
  • Call-in and order management system
  • Simply Accounting integration module
  • Docket creation module


  • Pleasant reusable core
  • Advanced configuration system
  • Pleasant MVC
  • Pleasant visual data modeller
  • Error and usage information server
  • Pleasant Simply Accounting service

A graphic of a USB thumb driveTechnology

  • LINQ
  • C#
  • Telerik Reporting


  • NHibernate
  • SQLite