Construction Estimates

Helical Quoting™

A graphic of a clipboard with paper attachedThe Client’s Need

A construction company specializing in helical pile installations needed to eliminate bidding oversights, reduce bidding time, generate professional looking bids, and organize by tracking the many quotes sent out and the many revisions to each quote. They needed experts to seamlessly integrate to old, non-standard, pricing and inventory software.

A graphic of 4 interlocked puzzle piecesThe Project

Office software to reduce errors and increase efficiency by allowing the flexible inputs based on length, weight, set rates, or markup percents, and by automatically doing many of the other mathematical calculations. A history of quote revisions was available to view. Terms and conditions varied for each quote, so a system to automatically structure the contract after selecting the terms was included to avoid manual work for each quote.

Quoting systems are often a great return on investment.

A graphic of gearsComponents

  • Old (legacy) database adapter
  • Terms and Conditions module
  • Universal measurements converter
  • Advanced report module
  • Advanced database module


  • Pleasant reusable core
  • Advanced configuration system
  • Error and usage information server
  • ActiveWriter database interface
  • Pleasant Visual Data Modeller

A graphic of a USB thumb driveTechnology

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • C#
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • LINQ
  • VB v6
  • Infragistics
  • Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft MapPoint


  • NHibernate