Pleasant Tickets Printing Setup


Note that some the following applies only to version 1 of the Pleasant Tickets product (formerly SSI Tickets).

In this version, printing can be done one of two ways; either through a web browser or via the standalone printing application.  While not strictly required, this setup assumes that the ticket printer is connected directly to the PC in question.


Printing application setup (Tickets v1 only):


Make sure that LPT1 is set up to the ticket printer, and that the windows default printer is set as the receipt printer.

The program depends on Crystal Reports (included in the .zip file)


Web Print Handler setup (Tickets v1 and v2):


Make sure that LPT1 is set up to the ticket printer.  You may need to do further browser-dependant setup to ensure that files ending in .ssip (the type containing ticket print data) open automatically with this application.

If your printer is a different LPT port, edit the .config file in the program directory to point to the correct port.  (This will be LPT1, LPT2, or LPT3.  No other value will work)


If your printer is not mapped to an LPT port:

An easy way to accomplish this is to map a printer shared by Windows.  To do this, on your PC that's named UserPC, share your printer as MyPrinter (or whatever you'd prefer).

Then in a command line prompt, run the command:

net use lpt1 \\UserPC\MyPrinter

 This can go in a batch file, or if the share is always available, add /persistent:y to the end of that command to save it.


To test whether the printer is mapped properly, you can try sending raw data directly to the thermal printer.  To do this, download RawTicketFile.pcm to your PC, open a DOS prompt, and copy it to the printer as:

copy RawTicketFile.pcm LPT1

 A sample ticket should then appear from the printer.