Access Restricted Catalogs


In addition to granting specific access to catalogs based on user roles, you can now also allow access by having customers visit special URLs.  The use case of such links could be to provide advanced ticket sales access to certain customers who may not have visited the site, and therefore may not yet have an account.


To enable this, in the Catalog you wish to grant access to, type a word in the "Access Code" field (spaces and special characters will not work).  You can then provide a link to your main page (or subcatalog), and add the string


 to the end of it (where accesscode is your special access code).


For example, if your code is "AdvancedNewsletter2013", and your ticket site is at

then the link will be


If you want to link to a category, the link will look like

https: //

so the special link will be

https: //




Once a user accesses the special link with the access code, they have access to all catalogs using that access code forever (or until the delete their local cookies).  If next year you have a simlar promotion, you will need to provide a different access code.  The ticketing system does not record what special access codes have historically been used, so care should be taken to make it unique.  (We'd suggest adding a year to the code, such as "Winter2013", or something less guessable)


Make sure to test your links on a fresh, non-logged-in browser before mass-mailing