Attendee Type - A class of people distinguished by ticket price.  Examples: Adult, Child, Senior, VIP.

Catalog - A listing that determines how much users are charged for a ticket.  Can also affect who can buy what type of ticket, and when.
Customer - A collection of information including name, address and email.  May or may not be associated with a User.

Delivery Mechanism - A way that tickets or merchandise can be delivered to users.  May include mail, web, hold-for-pickup.  Can be associated with Fees

Display Category - A way to visually organize tickets

Event - A description of what tickets are being sold for.

Exchange Rule - Allows users to log in and trade a ticket they've previously purchased for other tickets.  Examples would be a 10-pack of tickets for various other shows.

Fees - Extra costs that can be associated based either on Delivery Mechanism, or universally.  Associated via Catalog.

Order - Collection of Tickets / Products purchased by a Customer.

Product - Anything able to be sold to a Customer

  • Combination Product - Groups other products/tickets for sale purposes.  Allows for "Buy 3 for the price of 2", Family Packs, etc.  Not scannable.
  • Simple Product - A product that you want to offer that does not require a ticket.  Could be used for donations, or for something sold and handed to customer at box office.  Not scannable.


Project - A way of organizing Events, Products, Catalogs and Categories.  Example would be "2012 Season"

Session - A description of when an Event is occuring.

Tickets - Any scannable product for sale

  • Multi - Allows for a single printed ticket to act as a pass for multiple shows.
  • Session - A ticket with a specific time and place
  • Non-Session - A ticket with no time and place (ie, scan for free giant foam hat)


Upselling - Suggests certain tickets to the customer when they buy certain other tickets.

User - Someone able to log on to the tickets site.  Any Customer purchasing tickets through the web interface will be automatically be associated with a User account.

Venue - A location where a Event / Session may take place