Event Setup

(Depending on your requirements and hardware, setup steps may vary.)


Network setup

  1. Connect the WAN port of the router to the appropriate Internet feed.
  2. Connect an Ethernet cable from Port 1 on the router to the JetDirect (if present)
  3. Connect Ethernet cables from Port 2 and up on the router to the laptops
  4. Connect WAP devices to the router. (if present)
  5. Connect the parallel cable from the JetDirect device to the ticket printer (if present)
  6. Notes: Do not use the "uplink" port if present
  7. Connect all power sources
  8. Configure scanners as per documentation below
  9. Turn printer power on and ensure it's set to "On-line"



Scanner setup (iPod / Socket device version)

  1. Select an iPod and a scanner device
  2. Turn on the scanner by holding down the small button on the top of the device.  (When started, it will beep and the light will flash blue)
  3. On the ipod, press the Home button (the one on the device face) to get to the main screen
  4. Select the "Settings" icon at the bottom center
  5. Select "General", then "Bluetooth".
  6. Bluetooth devices will be listed here - the scanner will be indicated by a line starting "Socket CHS".
  7. Select the scanner from the list
  8. The scanner should beep, indicating it is paired with the iPod
  9. Return to the main screen with the "Home" key
  10. Select the "Safari" browser (you may have to swipe back and forth to find it)
  11. Navigate to
  12. Log in (your event organizer should provide these logins)
  13. Navigate to (you can also select the "Administration" menu from the top, and the "Scan" sublink)
  14. Select the event / location in question.
  15. Test the scanner by scanning a UPC code or other non-ticket barcode.  The barcode should be typed in to the screen, and indicate a rejection.
  16. If you continue to have difficulty, consult the manufacturer's guides.