Pair an iPod and Socket Scanner


Once paired, the iPod and Socket Scanners should recognize each other on startup, and no further action is required.


Pairing from scratch

  1. Select an iPod and a scanner device
  2. Turn on the scanner by holding down the small button on the top of the device.  (When started, it will beep and the light will flash blue)
  3. On the ipod, press the Home button (the one on the device face) to get to the main screen
  4. Select the "Settings" icon at the bottom center
  5. Select "General", then "Bluetooth".
  6. Bluetooth devices will be listed here - the scanner will be indicated by a line starting "Socket CHS".
  7. Select the scanner from the list
  8. The scanner should beep, indicating it is paired with the iPod



To unpair the scanner, turn it on, then hold down the power button and the scanning button at the same time for ~3 seconds.  (The scanner will beep in a unique way to indicate pairing has been cleared)


To unpair the iPod, go to Settings -> General -> Bluetooth, and select "Forget" under the device you want to un