Make a basic Ticket


You'll need to have a Project, Venue and Event set up already.

  1. Start in Projects -> (Your Project)
  2. Select the Event from the Events list
  3. Add Attendee Types if required
  4. Add a Session
  5. Select your Venue from the drop down, and fill in the Start and Ending times for the Session.  Optionally set the Doors Open time, and add a Limit (which will affect the number of tickets available for sale).
  6. Select "Save", which will return you to the Event dashboard.
  7. Select "Back", which will return you to your Project.
  8. Select "Add Product" from the Products section.
  9. Select "Session Ticket", then select your Session from the list and hit "Save" on the following screen.
  • Optionally, select your new ticket from the Session Tickets list to edit the number of these tickets for sale, the number of times it's scannable, etc.


At this point you have a valid ticket that would scan and let users in to your event.  However, nobody can purchase it, as it doesn't appear in any Catalogues.


  1. From Projects -> (Your Project), select or add a Catalogue
  • Your new Ticket will appear in the list - adjust the price and (if desired) the start and end selling dates.


Your ticket is now available for sale.