Managing a Remote and Work-From-Home Workforce with Pleasant Password Server

Security continues to be as important a topic as ever. Phishing malware and other tricks are still being used to exploit this current world crisis.

Security organizations recommend company employees use VPNs when connecting from home, as well as SSO, and MFA.

Pleasant Password Server is an award-winning multi-user password management tool compatible with "KeePass Password Safe" and Bruce Schneier's "Password Safe", the most popular password management systems in the world.

Manage Access for Employees who Work From Home

Pleasant Password Server helps manage your employees’ credentials wherever they are including employees who work from home.

  • Facilitate transitioning employee credentials - from their office workstations to personal and home-based devices.
  • Facilitate the exchange of credentials - between WFH employees instead of insecurely exchanging them over email and instant messaging applications.
  • Help IT departments setup and share credentials - for new systems and make changes to the setup of existing systems.
  • Facilitate the availability of credentials - across shifts and across geographies especially for WFH call center and support employees.
  • Reduce the number of incoming calls/IT tickets - especially for forgotten passwords and password reset.

Features to Securely Manage Network Access

Password Server has these features that help manage network access:


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