Setting Access Rules

To assign Access Rules for a folder, click User Access in the drop down next to the folder name.

To set Access Rules For an entry select "Security" in the right most column of the entry table

 Folder User Access

To assign Access Rules for an entry, click User Access in the right-click menu or the Actions menu.

 Twitter Entry list view

The User Access dialog opens:

User Access window sample


Inherited access rules cannot be deleted (those which were set on a folder higher up in the password tree). 

It is possible to add multiple rules for the same role or the same user. Those permissions will be combined together to create the effective permission.


Multiple same role rules


To add an access rule, click either the "Add Access for Role" or the "Add Access for User" button and then complete the form.

 add access for user

Note: multiple permissions defined for the same user or role, all of those permissions
combined together.


Time Limited Access

(Available in Enterprise+, Version 7.0.1+)

This feature grants access for a limited time only. The Time Limited Access feature is found on the User Access window.

 time limited access

If the Remove Access After fields are left blank then the access remains indefinitely.