SAML Single Sign-On

(Versions 7.9.9+, Enterprise+SSO, Web Client only)

Password Server can be configured to setup Single Sign-On (SSO) and accept Authentication from other trusted Identity Providers, via the SAML 2.0 framework.

Users connecting via a web browser to the Web client interface, will not require a login once already signed-in to a trusted identity provider.

Integration with these solutions can perhaps open up the usage of more Multi-Factor Authentication options.

(Coming feature): Optional restriction of direct sign-on into the application, allowing for only authentication through the trusted Identity Provider(s).

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Setup Guides:


Other notable integrations:

SAML is a standard, popular security framework for single sign-on and there are many notable services which will be compatible and can function as Identity Providers (IdP).


As well as many other compatible SAML Identity Provider services.

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