Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps are our fastest growing segment of services. And, while businesses generally crave their own mobile offerings, the number of platforms that smartphones operate on can be daunting. At Pleasant Solutions, we’ve developed cross-platform applications (Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry) that will reach the broadest possible customer base. Our experienced approach saves you time and money on development costs.

Multiplatform Application Development

Most companies think of creating a “single” app. But, one idea may actually be three separate apps to work across multiple phone operating systems. While mobile applications can be “translated” to work on different devices, the process requires expert developers to ensure they maintain their full functionality.

We provide options to build your apps across Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Expert HTML5 Developers

HTML5 is the newest, recommended standard for web content. It grew out of the desire to eliminate downloaded plugins (like Flash or Java) when viewing online video and audio content, among other things.

Expert HTML5 developers, however, can be hard to find. W3C web standards are still evolving, and the best mobile web content needs to be “future proofed” so that they continue to look and work great in spite of changing standards. Our team is trained extensively on WC3 consensus standards, as well as multiple other web interoperability standards.

Distributed Systems

Pleasant Solutions has many years of experience building highly-distributed systems for enterprise applications. Our remote application deployment systems remain focussed on portability. And, we’ve built multiple systems to be closely integrated with mobile phones and tablet devices.

At Pleasant Solutions, we realize that mobile development is a crucial component of modern remote applications and we are experienced in building them.

Reaching Mobile Users

While we specialize in creating multi-platform applications, sometimes our clients simply want to reach one segment of mobile users (e.g. Android users).  Others already have an app, but need it converted to work on another platform.

Translating apps well requires a fair bit of interpretation and expertise, much like translating a classic piece of literature.  The fact is, each mobile operating system has vastly different user experiences, app store requirements and navigation options.  Simply copying an application could miss the opportunity to create a user-friendly experience, or could even see it denied from the app store.

We focus on developing apps for the following platforms:

  • iPhone / iPad / iOS Apps
  • Android Apps (multiple versions)
  • Blackberry OS
  • Windows App Store
  • Tablet Apps
We hope you found this article was helpful. If you have any additional questions or want to start your free consultation, why not chat with one of our Technical Account Managers today?
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