Enterprise Data Management & Software Integration

Building Industrial Data

Subsurface testing for mineral deposits?
Drilling for oil and gas?
Monitoring pressurized pipelines, vessels and conduits?

Industrial data solutions often focus on real-time sensors and monitoring. But, how do you store and manage the terabytes of data these monitoring devices and sensors produce?

At Pleasant Solutions, we have a long history developing industrial data applications. Some of Alberta’s top oil and gas consultants use our software to monitor drilling operations and improve field efficiency. Pleasant Solutions also has a history of working with industrial data systems, providing software integrations to support efficient data use.

Enterprise Data Management for Industrial Use

Enterprise Data Management is used to improve the quality of internal data while also avoiding data processing issues. Within industrial settings, the problem is not the accuracy of data but the usefulness of it. How do you format data in a way you can use it to drive company insights?

The fact is, all data management starts with strong interoperability. Data needs to flow seamlessly between different internal applications and databases. That’s why our Enterprise Data Management team emphasizes system integration when designing any data solution.

What is Industrial Data Management?

Good Industrial Data Management helps you manage internal data from sensors and monitoring devices, using procedures and business rules to protect the accuracy of information. Most importantly, Industrial Data Management helps us develop data tools for you that match your business needs.

Before working with your internal company data, we consider the following points:

“Garbage In, Garbage Out”
Data Quality initiatives essentially start with designing the structure of the perfect database. How best can a database store data, such as oil well outputs, in a way that it remains accessible and matched to your information requirements.

Industrial Data Management for Network Hardware and Connections
Even a single misconfigured data source can wreak havoc on your internal company data. Industrial Data Management creates a defined plan for how data will be stored and analysed, and builds custom solutions to work with your business as well as company technology infrastructure.

Engineering and Geotechnical Software Integration
Today, valuable data needs to be fully integrated with specific software and pushed across multiple devices and products. We establish a common set of rules and languages that make it easy to share your data across the organization.

Change Management is a crucial part of implementing Enterprise Data Management solutions, both for CRM and ERP systems. We always start by asking who has the “time” to work with you in defining and implementing the BI solution.

Types of Data Applications

We build custom-made data applications for business. And, we specialize in creating rich data from third-party sources (API integrations) as well as multiple sources (unstructured company data). Our high-skilled Computer Engineers and Developers handle tomorrow’s technology today, including:

  • Group Portals and Information Sharing Technologies
  • Data import, conversion and mapping
  • Data modeling, database design, implementation, analysis, security, tuning and configuration
  • Data and software application architecture
  • Identity verification systems
  • Integration of Engineering Sensors and Equipment
  • Credit-assessment systems
  • Loan and receivables systems
  • Government billing and permitting systems
  • Relational database theory and temporalizing databases
  • Device integration and data acquisition (industrial devices and peripherals, scientific data collection)
  • User interface design and implementation
  • Data integration (including legacy systems)
  • On-line transaction processing systems (OLTP)
  • Database administration guidance and Remote DBA
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
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