Information Technology (IT) Consultants

Expert Information Technology Services with Specialized Staff.
Locally in Edmonton and Calgary, and Across 7 Other Canadian Cities.

Cybersecurity threats and system vulnerabilities can consume the attention of your IT department. As the complexity of IT grows, your staff may be too busy putting out fires to actually perform crucial system-wide upgrades and innovation. That’s why we are here.

Our team of Information Technology (IT) Consultants conquers expensive problems and configures your servers, workstations and networks for performance. Our consultants are both well-trained and highly experienced, and that offers your company a competitive edge. They work with IT staff to enhance company operations, becoming proactive players in IT service delivery.

IT Consulting for Manufacturing

Canadian manufacturers must automate key processes to survive. Our expert team has worked with legacy systems and specialized applications across multiple industries. We started ascustom software developers , and built an impressive portfolio of projects to facilitate task automation and on-site monitoring.

Pleasant Solutions are experts in working with operations management systems in addition to leading industry technologies:

  • Microsoft Enterprise Products, including Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Production Management Systems (PMS) for Oil & Gas
  • Oracle Enterprise Software and Databases
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software


Our Vision for a Technology-Enabled Workplace
Strong technology management will help grow your plant’s operating efficiency and output. We’ve thought about your problems, and have some big ideas to share.

Technology & Security Audits

Not that we like to brag, but Pleasant Solutions maintains an award-winning password management server for larger corporations. Our impressive growth within the IT security industry means we retain some of Canada’s foremost experts in enterprise security as part of our operating budget.

Our IT Security Consulting team can help you:

  • Identify and manage technology risks
  • Monitor intrusions, system processes and security tools
  • Implement enterprise software securely
  • Develop audit trails and active system monitoring
  • Manage security incidents and forensic analysis

IT Consultants for Small Business

Never fear, through all our growth, we still saved time for the little guy. Small businesses have big IT problems too, and our staff is ready to help. Our experience is that small business owners often feel overwhelmed by:

  • Implementing an inventory tracking or accounting system
  • Reporting on labour, equipment and materials (LEM costing)
  • Maintaining a secure document management system
  • Providing Tech Support to site employees

After dealing with a few close-calls, many owners are looking to outsource their IT services. Our 100% Canadian team brings key benefits to your long-term IT management and maintenance.

IT Outsourcing brings many benefits to your organization to:

  • Eliminate the risk of data loss
  • Reduce reliance on a single individual in the organization
  • Avoid bad IT security practices

We take your business seriously, and even offer 24/7 response in certain circumstances. Our most established clients have pushed us into IT consulting, and we’ve grown our support team to help your business grow.

We hope you found this article was helpful. If you have any additional questions or want to start your free consultation, why not chat with one of our Technical Account Managers today?

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