Pleasant Payment Processing

Send invoices, automate tasks, and accept payments instantly with our secure invoicing and payment processing system, while managing your team from anywhere.

How it Works

Pleasant Payments provides a seamless invoicing connection between you and your clients. Merchants who want to be paid use our system to send invoices to their customers, automate processes to reduce labor, and accelerate their cash flow.


Less time chasing payments, more time chasing business

  • See exactly when your clients viewed each invoice.
  • Enable your clients to pay online instantly, via credit card or ACH.
  • Create mass invoice send-outs.
  • Customize invoice and email templates.
  • Automate payment due date reminders.
  • Eliminate mail courier costs, delays, and excuses.
  • Sync automatically with your accounting system of choice.

Core Features

Radically streamline your payment tasks and processes – saving time and money at every step.



Benefit from the same high-security standards enjoyed by the largest corporations, with software developed by an established tech firm.



Sync client and payment data automatically with your accounting software. The additional custom integration possibilities are endless.



Free up time to work on more critical tasks by automating redundant chores, like emailing each invoice and payment reminder manually.



Customize email and invoice templates. Determine specific parameters for filters and reports.



Enable your entire accounting team to work more efficiently, from anywhere with an internet connection.



Automate tasks to dramatically reduce your labor costs, with service fees that are typically lower than alternatives.

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We integrate securely with:


Pleasant Payments is payment processing software accessible through a convenient web application. It integrates with QuickBooks* Online.

Pleasant Solutions, the company behind Pleasant Payments, has established a reputation for building high-security custom software. Billions in revenue depends on software built by Pleasant Solutions. Our award-winning work has supported both the public and private sectors, including demanding industries such as government, banking, and healthcare. With Pleasant Payments, companies of all sizes benefit from the same high-security standards as the largest corporations.

Pleasant Payments was developed with the cooperation of Paypal, Braintree, industry experts, and our future clientele. Their needs directly shaped the development of Pleasant Payments.

In early feedback, our clients have told us that Pleasant Payments’ automation is the real game-changer for them. The ability to pick up processes remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, without any workflow disruptions, can be the difference between sinking and thriving.

Pleasant Payments has been designed to work for almost every business.

Due to Pleasant Payments’ cost-saving and labor reducing capabilities, clients with many large-payment transactions will see the greatest benefit.

Pleasant Payments has the potential to save you thousands of dollars, thanks to its automated features that astronomically reduce labor costs. Faster payments accelerate your cash flow and reduce the amount of capital tied up in Accounts Receivable.

Braintree Merchant Account holders may also be eligible for reduced payment processing fees (OAC – subject to approval). Speak to one of our experts and we can clarify this process for you.

When a merchant wants to be paid, they use our system to send an invoice so that the customer can pay online. The system sends customized invoices via email, automatically reminds clients of payment due dates and past-due amounts, and enables them to pay instantly via credit card or ACH (with more payment options to be announced). The system automatically records all payments and syncs them back to your integrated accounting system of choice, while monitoring all activity by your users and clients (including when they view their invoices), and creating an audit trail accessible via customizable filters and reporting.

ACH stands for Automatic Clearing House, an electronic payment network that moves trillions of dollars a year in the United States. The majority of direct deposit and payroll transactions occur through ACH. It supports debit and credit transfers.

In general, it is available for most businesses who send out invoices requesting payment from clients. A Braintree Merchant Account is required.

A Braintree Merchant Account is required. Contact us today – we can clarify this process for you, provide specifics regarding requirements and rates, and put you in contact with a Braintree representative to start the application process.

* Intuit and QuickBooks are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc. Used with permission.

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