Eliminate Your Online Payment Processing Pain Points

Pleasant Payments is an innovative invoicing and payment processing system that integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting system, built with the cooperation of PayPal/Braintree.

Automation Refined

With its automated workflows and streamlined processes, Pleasant Payments can radically transform your Accounts Receivable Department overnight.

From the multi-user web portal, your clients can view invoices and pay them instantly, via their preferred payment method. Clients receive automated reminders of payment due dates and past due amounts, and you can check exactly when they viewed each invoice. Their payments are automatically applied and sync back to your accounting system of choice.

On the back end, your team can work collaboratively to manage invoices and payments from anywhere with an internet connection – at the office, at home, or even on the beach! By eliminating redundant chores, Pleasant Payments frees up time for your accounting team to work on more important tasks.


Features Designed to Prevent Problems

While developing Pleasant Payments, we consulted experts from many different industries, to assess their main concerns and understand their most frequent challenges. We specifically designed this software to mitigate risks and prevent common user errors.

  • paperless-icon
    Immediate, paperless delivery of electronic documents eliminates courier delays, errors, and costs.
  • glasses-icon
    The ability to see exactly when your clients viewed each invoice adds a new level of accountability, rendering the most common non-payment excuses obsolete.
  • warning-icon
    Automatic notifications remind your clients when payments are almost due, or overdue, removing the risk of employees forgetting to manually send reminders or follow-ups.
  • outbox-icon
    Once an invoice is sent, it no longer appears on the “Send Invoices” page, preventing you from accidentally sending it twice.
  • sync-icon
    Filters automatically identify any outstanding payments, synced against your accounting system data. This eliminates the need for manual reconciliation and prevents a worst-case scenario for business relationships: demanding payments that have already been sent.
  • filter-icon
    Customizable filters – for example, what exactly constitutes a “recent” invoice – allow you to tailor your reporting approach to match your existing processes and schedules.
  • reporting-icon
    Reporting and auditing tools help you track the activity of both clients and internal users.

Why Choose Braintree + Pleasant Payments?


Business Perspective

CONVERSION: PayPal leads the way in online wallet payment volume, and outperforms the conversion rates of other digital wallets by up to 60%.

FRAUD PREVENTION: Braintree’s fraud prevention techniques can help to dramatically cut down your chargebacks. Some Braintree clients have reported having chargebacks cut back by as much as half.

INTEGRATION: Transaction information syncs automatically between Pleasant Payments and your existing accounting software.


Client Experience

CONVENIENCE: Your clients can pay online instantly, by clicking Pay Now right from their invoice. An optional account signup option allows clients to save their preferred payment method.

VARIETY: Your clients can pay their invoices with their preferred payment type, via Credit Card or ACH.

SECURITY: As a PayPal company, Braintree is powered by one of the most respected payment providers on earth. “73% of shoppers value security: Nearly 3 in 4 shoppers claim security is more important than convenience when shopping online.” (source)

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