GIT Setup

Acquire Credentials

Talk to your Pleasant Ambassador to acquire credentials to your Git account.

You will need to set up your Git client to use the same e-mail name and e-mail address as assigned to your account. If this is problematic, please talk with your ambassador.

Install Your Favorite Git Client

GitExtensions, TortoiseGit, or Atlassian SourceTree are all good Git clients.

IMPORTANT: Change line ending conversions to "Checkout as-is, commit as-is". (If you miss this, it can be adjusted in TortoiseGIT later under Settings => Git => Config)

You can also optionally install the Git Source Control Provider extension to more easily work with Git within Visual Studio.

Accessing Repositories

The repository server is here.


When you want to get upstream changes, use the GitExtensions pull dialog.  You can right click on any file or folder in your repo to get to the menu.  Set the dialog to "rebase" and turn on auto-stash.  Doing a rebase instead of a merge keeps the repository history easily understandable.  Conceptually the rebase is more logical than merge because your changes are being added on top of other people's changes instead of merging other people's changes into your branch.