Scanning Tickets


The scanner devices consists of a Socket barcode reader which wirelessly connects to a standard Apple iPod.  Once the iPod is set up and displaying the scanning website page, you can scan barcodes continuously.  To do so:

  1. Scan a barcode.  By default, the Socket device will beep to indicate it has read a barcode.
  2. The iPod will receive this information and communicate to the Pleasant Tickets server.
  3. The server will return a code indicating either success, or failure (along with a reason for the scan failure).
  4. The iPod will make a noise indicating either success or failure, and the screen will be updated with the ticket information.


Best Practices / Recommendations

  • As iPods and Scanners need to be specifically paired via Bluetooth, they should be clipped together at all times (scanning, charging, storage) in order to avoid extra work re-pairing.
  • As the results of the scan are displayed on the iPod, we recommend holding the iPod so that it is visible to the scanner operator.
  • While the scanner is in operation, the on-screen keyboard is hidden.  Tapping the power button on the scanner will bring up the on-screen keyboard on the iPod.



  • If left for a long period, the iPod may turn itself off, in which case it will not detect subsequent scans.  While the Socket device may beep, this indicates only that it has detected a barcode, not that any processing is occuring.  In this case, pressing the "Home" button on the iPod will normally restore the device to operation.
  • If wireless connectivity cannot be obtained, scanning information cannot be transferred and the scanning page may indicate "Pending" for a long period.  In this case, restore wireless connectivity and refresh the scanning page.
  • If the scanner beeps for each scan, but nothing appears on the screen, go to the Bluetooth screen on the iPod and pair the iPod and Scanner devices again.