Setting Up YubiKey Authentication

(Versions 7+)

This is a quick guide to setting up with YubiKey Hardware Key authentication with Pleasant Password Server.

For background information on YubiKey Authentication Services: start here.

Before you begin, make sure you:

Note: Remember which of your YubiKey's two configuration slots you are using with Password Server - using the
wrong slot will cause errors.

Supported YubiKey Devices

More info: Compare YubiKeys

Step 1: Create a new Policy (Optional)

Create a new Policy: to use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

Step 2: Configure the Two Factor Policy

Step 3: Configure the User for YubiKey

YubiKey Key Identity pic

Step 4: Authenticate with YubiKey

YubiKey Token Entry pic

Choosing Your Two Factor Authenticator

Users with more than one 2FA Provider configured (whether directly or via their roles) will be prompted to chose one during login:

Two Factor Choices