Unable to Import Users

(Version 7+)

Problems with Importing Users are usually categorized undermost often related to problems with:


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Troubleshooting steps

Check Connection to the Directory

Getting Error Messages

Increase Your Logging details

Cannot See Users in the List

If you are getting an error, see the sections above.

If you are expecting to see more users, then add/modify these settings:

  1. Directory settings:

    • Base Distinguished Name (BDN)
    • User Relative Domain Name (URDN)
    • Group Relative Domain Name (GRDN)

  2. Search Filter (Import Users page):

    • When importing/searching, it helps to narrow the scope right down to the container where you user(s) are located.
      • Relative Search DN (same as the URDN above), or,
      • Use other Search Filters (see the next examples, below)...

    • Correct Example:
      • Base Distinguished Name: DC=CORP,DC=SPRING,DC=LAN
      • Relative Search DN: OU=Employees

    • Incorrect Examples:
      • Relative Search DN: OU=Employees,DC=CORP,DC=SPRING,DC=LAN
      • Relative Search DN: CN=Dept1,OU=Employees,DC=CORP,DC=SPRING,DC=LAN

  3. Advanced User filter (Recommended):

    • add an Advanced User filter, for examples, see Directory Search Filters
    • This has shown to be very effective in importing/managing users in Password Server

  4. AD Advanced Attribute: If you cannot see the user in AD, along with the other users, check if this attribute has been set to TRUE (and change it to FALSE)

    • View > Advanced Features
    • Find the user > Right-click user > Properties > Attribute Editor tab
    • Set showInAdvancedViewOnly = FALSE

Search Nested Groups

Auto-Importing Problems

Restart Pleasant Password Server Service



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