KeePass Plugins

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Pleasant Password Server has a Chrome plugin and a Mac plugin.

Pleasant Plugins:

KeePass Plugins:

Although Pleasant Password Server does not provide support for the use of third-party KeePass Plugins, there are some KeePass plugins that may work with KeePass for Pleasant. See the sections below.

Since we are unable to validate Third Party development and cannot guarantee a secure environment if a plugin is utilized, we would suggest users and admins exercise due caution.

Plugins may introduce other concerns as well:

  • Performance slowdowns / uncommon challenges to navigation in KeePass,
  • Need to keep plugins updated, and 
  • Responsibility to periodically check for security concerns

Best Practices  (Security Laws #1, #4)

Please Note: Exercise caution with allowing the Use of Third Party Plugins as you are assuming the risks of allowing Third Party handling of your access credentials. Allowing the use of KeePass plugins with Pleasant Password Server introduces risks outside of the control of the Password Server applications.


Restricting KeePass Plugins

By default KeePass for Pleasant allows plugins. But this should be restricted if you not comfortable with assuming the risks of Third Parties plugins handling of your credentials.

Admins may wish to consider restricting plugins, which may be a recommendation for high-security environments, as there may be security issues presented to your users after they install 3rd party plugins.

Restrict User Options:

Click Tools menu > Options > Policy tab:

  • Uncheck Plugins   ("Allow loading plugins to extend KeePass functionality")

Restrict Site-wide for All Users:

After configuring your KeePass options in the example above, then Export Configurations from the File menu, & import the file into the Client Configuration settings (Web Application > Advanced menu).

For more info: see Client Configuration.

Compatible KeePass Plugins

Please Note: Pleasant Solutions does not officially recommend Third-Party provider solutions. This information is provided only as a convenience to you and your users. Pleasant Solutions has not audited and does not control or manage these products and cannot confirm the quality or safety of using these listed.

There are numerous compatible plugins. For example, some standard KeePass plugins have been shown to work:

  • Favicon Downloader - adds a website logo icon to an entry based on the site URL
  • HaveIbeenPwned - checks your passwords against known breaches
  • KeePassHIBP - checks your passwords against known breaches
  • KPEnhancedListView - provides additional options for editing or viewing the Entry list
  • Password Counter - check for password duplicates, if the password has already been used in another entry
  • QualityHighlighter - color highlights entries based on password strength
  • ReadablePassphraseGenerator - generates passphrases which are easy to remember
  • Tray TOTP - you can store a 2FA code and displays 6-digit tokens

These may be downloaded from the official KeePass Plugins page.

If you notice other plugins or functions that are compatible and not listed, or that are needed, please Contact Us!

However, other plugins may not be compatible and in those cases the plugins may not be easily adapted for use, for reasons such as they:

  • Cannot interact with a centralized database
  • Are unable to interpret Pleasant Password Server's Security structure