KeePass Plugins

Pleasant Password Server does not provide support for the use of third-party KeePass Plugins. Since we are unable to validate Third Party development and cannot guarantee a secure environment if a plugin is utilized, we would suggest users exercise due caution.

Review Best Practices: Security Laws #1, #4

Pleasant plugins

Although some standard KeePass plugins have been shown to work, some plugins:

  • Cannot interact with a centralized database
  • Are unable to interpret Pleasant Password Server's Security structure

In these cases the plugins would not be easily adapted for use.

Compatible KeePass Plugins

There are numerous compatible plugins. Below we have listed a few that we have verified ourselves.

If you notice other plugins or functions that are compatible and not listed, or that are needed, please Contact Us!

Please Note: Pleasant Solutions has provided this information as a convenience to you, but does does not officially recommend Third-Party provider solutions. Pleasant Solutions has not audited and does not control or manage these products and cannot confirm the quality or safety of using these listed.

  • Favicon Downloader - adds a website logo icon to an entry based on the site URL
  • HaveIbeenPwned - checks your passwords against known breaches
  • KeePassHIBP - checks your passwords against known breaches
  • Password Counter - check for password duplicates, if the password has already been used in another entry
  • QualityHighlighter - color highlights entries based on password strength
  • Tray OTP - you can store a 2FA code and displays 6-digit tokens (use only for unrelated servers, otherwise your two-factor will¬†effectively become only a single factor)

 These may be downloaded from the official KeePass Plugins page.