Auto-Fill (Coming Soon)

Securely retrieve and auto-fill credentials on the web

Password Server will soon allow administrators and users the option to auto-fill of webpages using a secure Pleasant browser plugin.

Related Feature:

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome
  • Edge (Chromium)

Note: Additional browsers will be supported later.


Optional Settings

Administrators have the option to allow:

  • Integration of the plugin with Password Server
  • Users to store additional passwords

Users have the option to download and use the plugin, and potentially store additional passwords from the web.

Auto-Fill Credentials

Users can select an appropriate entry to fill the web credentials.

Retrieve User Passwords

At user request, the appropriate entry will be retrieved allowing the user to choose the appropriate entry for the webpage.

Selectively Store Passwords

Users can choose to be prompted to store in Password Server. The data will be saved with the web address.