Auto-Type in KeePass for Pleasant Client for the Desktop allows users to initiate the auto-fill of their username / password or other entry information.

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Auto-Type is More Secure

The Auto-Type feature is considered a more secure method to Auto-Fill passwords and Auto-Fill forms:

Some prominent password manager brands have had leaks/insecurities with their auto-fill methods (i.e. LastPass Security Flaw). We encourage users to exercise caution in using other methods of auto-capture & auto-population, which don't require any user interaction.

Using Auto-Type

Changing the Auto-Type Key Sequence

Auto-Type Feature Summary

Here are the features that Auto-Type provides.


Running Commands

It's possible to run commands from KeePass for Pleasant Password Server. For example, to auto-login to the SAP application.

Example: Securely Login to SAP

Feature Information

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