Database Backup and Restore

(Versions 7.2.3+ and Enterprise or higher license)

Automatic database backups and database restoration (through the web client) have been added to Pleasant Password Server.  With the addition of database backup and restoration easy database migration is now also available.

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Note: These features have moved in the web client, and can now be accessed from the Settings tab (in versions 7.9.7+). Previously they were located in the Advanced tab.

Database Backups

Note: Without the backup encryption key, you will not be able to restore your database from a backup.

This page allows you to set how often the backup is run, how many backups are kept, the key used to encrypt the backup, the name of the folder where the backups will be stored, and the prefix given to backup filenames.

Reference: items included in Database Backups

Important Usage Notes

 configure database backups

Backup Settings


Note: While it is possible to run the database backup process while the server is actively being used, best practice is to only run backups when no one is using Password Server.

Note: The Save button is only enabled when there have been changes made to the database backup form.

Viewing Backup Results

Logging of this Backup event is stored in the Audit logs:

The log will indicate Success or Failure and the filename of the newly created backup file:

Error details may be found by following: these instructions.

Manual Database Backups 

After saving a backup configuration, trigger a manual database backup by clicking on the Backup Now button.


If there are pending changes to the backup configuration the Backup Now button will be disabled.

You will see a notification message:

Backup progress can be seen from the Logging page.

Restore Database

This page lets you pick a backup to restore.

Warning: Restoring a backup overwrites the current database - if it has not been backed up, it will be gone for good.  Also note that you will not be able to use Password Server while the database is being restored.

Restoration steps

1. (Optional) Click Backup Now (see above, in Database Backups).

2. Enter the same Encryption Key used to create the backup file (under Advanced tab > Database Backups > in the Encryption Key field), to restore the database.

3. Select a backup file stored on the server: click the backup file you wish to restore.

4. Click Restore

5. Possible messages:

6. Restart the service/site:


Note: Uploading a file will remove your ability to pick an existing backup until the uploaded file is removed

Event Logs

Logging of this Restore event is stored in the Audit logs and can be found on:

The log will indicate Success or Failure and the filename of the newly created backup file.

Any additional error details may be found by following: these instructions.


If you run into any issues with the restore, contact us by email (link is on the right-hand side) and include:

Database Migration

Database migration is possible through the following steps:

  1. Back up the current database
    • Copy the Backup to a separate location
    • Store a copy of the encryption key, used to make the Backup file
  2. Stop Pleasant Password Server and change the database to the one you want to migrate to.
  3. Ensure the server is properly connected to the target database.
    • Change the connection string as necessary in Service Config Utility
  4. Start Pleasant Password Server
  5. Restore from the Database Backup file that was previously saved.
  6. Restart the service/site
    • First wait for the service/site to finish, then restart the service/site.