Berry Extract

This is the help page for Berry Extract.  To get to the product page, click here.

A simple program that lets you save BlackBerry text messages (SMS and MMS) to Windows text or Excel (.csv) files so you can save, paste, or search easily. It's a Windows program so no BlackBerry installs needed. It can even get deleted texts from backups. the Berry Extract cannot recover or retrieve deleted text messages before a backup file was created

Extracting Your Texts

To extract the text messages from your BlackBerry device, follow these steps:

Create a Backup File

Create a backup file (.ipd file) using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software that came with your device. You can also download BlackBerry Desktop Manager for free from the BlackBerry website.

Open the Backup File in Berry Extract

Start Berry Extract and choose Open from the File menu. Browse to the backup file (.ipd file) that you want to extract text messages from and click Open. Your text messages will then appear in the grid.

Export Your Texts

Choose either "Export to Text" or "Export to Excel CSV" from the File menu. Choose a location and name for the text or csv file and click Save. Your text messages are now exported!