Meet the Excel Consultant's Secret Weapon

Amaze your clients! Webifier supercharges your Excel expertise, allowing you to convert spreadsheets to elegant web apps in minutes.

What You Can Build With Webifier


Detailed Report Pages


Workflow Automation


Advanced Features

The Evolution of Spreadsheets

Webifier is an innovative, patented add-in for Microsoft Excel that converts spreadsheets into powerful web applications.

With Webifier, you can take your Excel expertise to a new level. Produce web apps for your clients in minutes—not hours, or days.


Your Rules, Our Servers

Your web apps are automatically hosted on our highly secure servers.

Create fully custom web apps and have them up and running within minutes.

Roll out app changes immediately, from virtually anywhere, with zero down time.

Features To Transform Your Operations

  • Collect data from all users simultaneously – even thousands of users!
  • Prevent breaking or corrupting of spreadsheets and databases.
  • Securely block access to private areas of your databases.
  • Support file attachments, including photo, video, audio, GPS location, and more.
  • Define per-user security access settings.
  • Hide any formulas you want to keep secret.
  • Streamline and track your workflows.
  • Set up custom email notifications for specific types of changes, values, or user activity.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.
  • Maintain automatic backups and a history list of all changes.

Example Apps

  • Timesheet apps.
  • Financial forecasting apps.
  • Online quoting systems.
  • Client and customer portals.
  • Inventory management system.
  • Interactive reports for the public.
  • Field data collection with photos.
  • Survey collection forms.
  • Intranet document management systems.
  • RSVP tracking system for events.
The Possibilities Are Infinite
This game-changing Excel add-in unlocks lucrative new potential by expanding your range of services. Create secure web apps that look and work great on any device. Deliver powerful results in a fraction of the time, with Webifier.