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We built Pleasant Password Server to meet the needs of both small businesses and larger enterprises. The common thread is that these are cost conscious companies that don’t want to pay for more than what they need. And they certainly don’t want to continue paying license fees year after year.

To meet this need, we focused on one of the most popular and trusted password management tools available, KeePass Password Safe. KeePass is a great solution for individual users, but in a business environment where access to sensitive data is necessary, the product isn’t suitable as the multi-user feature gives everyone access to all passwords.

So, we designed Pleasant Password Server to leverage the benefits of KeePass for the users, while providing administrative control that allow access rules to be implemented in accordance with company policies. Every purchase of Pleasant Password Server includes a no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee, a full year of free updates and support, and unlimited access to our online help documents.



Manage Passwords 2 Ways

On the Server

  • Control access to single passwords or folders
  • Control your own hierarchy of user roles
  • Centralized policies and configuration, including what functions will be available for user groups
  • Copy role and password access to make user default allocation simple
  • Import and export capability
  • Backup and restore capability
  • Safely store passwords, credit card numbers, product keys, and even files

From a Client

  • Access from any location, on any operating system, including iOS and Android
  • Desktop clients allow offline access
  • Easy to use interface used by millions
  • Continue using your favourite KeePass plug-ins
  • Over 40 language translations available
  • Keep passwords secret with clipboard erase, auto-type, and drag & drop entry
  • Import/Export from an existing password database
  • Search and sort through your passwords



Save Time

  • Eliminate lost time on retrieval of forgotten passwords.
  • Active Directory / LDAP function allows for quick user import through the “Auto Import Enabled.” setting and auto account creation for users on first user login.
  • Setting access levels for roles rather than individual users and then assign roles to users.
  • Client Configuration allows configuration settings to be easily set and enforced.
  • No extensive training required.




Save Money

  • Reduce password retrieval or reset costs managed by a help desk by 40% or more.
  • Improved productivity and downtime throughout the organization.
  • Reduce administrative costs with much greater access and controls.
  • Quick capabilities for new user setup or lapsed user disconnection.
  • Sharing of Passwords across teams is quick and simple.


Enforce Policies

  • Establish Password policies that can be enforced.
  • Ensure accountability of every access point to sensitive data with logging tool.
  • Implement defined configurations that ensure policy adherence.
  • Access Levels definition enables variable settings that can easily be assigned to Roles or Users.



Highly Secure

  • Passwords are always stored in the server database, never locally.
  • Connections to the server are secured with a 128-bit SSL certificate.
  • Databases are encrypted with a FIPS 140-2 compliant AES256 encryption algorithm.
  • Data is secured with a SHA-512 hashing algorithm
  • In-memory password protection encrypts passwords in memory while KeePass is running.
  • After a few seconds of using a password, the clipboard is automatically cleared.
  • You can run the server securely within your intranet to prevent any access outside your walls.




Favourite Features

Unlimited Entries

Share as many secrets, folders, and passwords as you have.

KeePass Client

Take advantage of a world-class secure and easy interface.

Mobile Apps

Access your secure data on the go from iOS and Android apps.

AD/LDAP Integration

Retrieve and import your existing user data.

New & Old Passwords

Keep a log of your password history, and generate new ones.

Users & Roles

Manage individual users, and groups or roles easily.

Logging & Reports

Track access and events with extensive and comprehensive reports.

Attach Files

Don't limit yourself to just storing text strings - upload files securely.

Access Levels

Produce and manage custom access levels. Give users rights to assign access to other users.

Password Proxy Module

An add-on feature that gives SSO (Single Sign On) capabilities with unmatched security. Passwords are never stored on the users's device to be stolen or abused!

Learn about Password Proxy


 New in Version 7

  • Enhanced Reports - More user friendly reports including Access Frequency, Password Expiry, Password Age, Password Strength and Load Reports
  • KeePass Client Offline Mode - User can cache their credentials so they can be easily accessed offline
  • History Restore - Restore any key History items such as Titles, Usernames, Passwords, URL's, Notes, Custom Fields and more
  • Custom Branding - Customize the Web Client by adding a company Logo
  • Logging to SysLog - Password Server can be configured to log events to a SysLog Server
  • Two Factor Authentication - Add a second layer of security with either Yubikey or Google Authenticator
  • Lockout Policies - Set Lockout policies for failed attempts
  • Email Notifications - Setup automatic Email Notifications when selected Roles/Users carry out triggering actions
  • LDAP and Open LDAP - Supports LDAP integration
  • Time Limited Access - Access to entries and folders can be granted with a time limit for temporary access
  • Self-Serve Active Directory Reset - Allows for password reset that can be timed or random and is synced with Active Directory
  • Forced Comment Field - Administrative setting that requires a user comment for accessing a credential
  • Password Auto-changer - Reset passwords on a Unix system on a scheduled basis
  • SSH Proxy - Highly secured Proxy Access to Unix



System Requirements

  • Pleasant Password Server: Windows Server 2008 or 2012
  • KeePass desktop client: Windows Vista or later
  • Online Web App: 
  • Mobile App: