Version v7.5.7 (Stable)

With KeePass Client v7.5.4

Release Date

Jun 27th, 2016

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the last Stable version (7.3.7).
For information about the "Latest" versions in between, see Older And In-between Versions.

Download Here

Upgrade Instructions

New Module: Reset Users

New Module: MSSQL & RDP SSO Servers

New Feature: SSO Session Recording

New Feature: Radius

New Features: Misc


Note: When you log into Password Server for the first time after upgrading, a page
requesting Directory account credentials may appear. Dismiss it by providing credentials
for an account with at least read access to the Directory.

Prevent this page from appearing by entering these credentials on the Edit Directory
page (Users & Roles > Manage Directories > click Directory name) before upgrading.

Bug Fixes

Compatibility Notes