Version v7.9.12

With KeePass Client v7.9.10

Release Date

Oct 16th, 2018

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Please Note

New Feature: Archive

New Feature: Client IP Filtering

New Feature: AD/LDAP Entry Import

New Feature: Security Zones and Elevation

New Feature: Request and Approval


New Feature: SAML Single Sign On Service

  • Available in Enterprise+SSO
  • Password Server can be configured to accept Authentication from other trusted Identity Providers, via the SAML protocol
    • SAML and SAML Partner Configuration is managed via Users and Roles > Manage External Authentication > Authentication Services
  • See our documentation for more information

API Update

  •  API v5 is included in this release.  New Features include:
    • Separate endpoints for entry Attachments
    • New endpoint for UserFavourites
    • Entry and Folder PATCH requests.
  • All API v4 endpoints will remain available, but will not receive further updates.
  • See our documentation for more information.

KeePass Client Update


Bug Fixes

Between 7.9.10 and 7.9.12

Known Issues

Compatibility Notes