R. Reports

See why customers choose Pleasant Password Server with a KeePass client

Password Server provides easy-to-use and extensive reporting capabilities, which allow a comprehensive view of the current User Access, Password statistics, Audit Monitoring and Feature/Settings usage.

Report List

Password Reports

Password Expiry Report

Displays all passwords that will expire by a specified date

Password Strength Report

Displays all entry passwords at an inputted strength value or higher

Password Age Report

Displays the age of passwords (the last time changed), at an inputted amount of days or older

Password Access History Report

Displays all the users who have accessed a particular credential over a given time period.


Access Reports

User Access History Report

Displays all the passwords accessed by a user in the given time frame, including created or modified entries

All Access Report

Displays all user access for credentials in a selected credential folder tree

User Access Report

Displays the number of folders and passwords that each user has access to

Role Access Report

Displays the number of folders and passwords that each role has access to

Access Frequency Report

Displays access total summaries, broken down by category


Other Reports

All-Settings Report

Displays all configurable settings on a single page

Load Report

Displays how heavily the system is used, information for technical support

Role Report

Displays the number of users in each role, users assigned the role directly, and users inheriting it through a sub role

Attachment Report

Displays statistics on all uploaded attachments, including size and location of individual attachments

Enrollment Status Report

Displays the enrollment status of reset users, for password resets


See Report Details, for additional information on each report.

Report Scheduling

Reports can be scheduled and setup to run with specific parameters. The results are sent to a user or role recipient.