Private Folders

Users can be granted their own private password vault where individuals can store their own credentials, and where the access could also be hidden from the adminstrators, IT staff, and other users.

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These settings can be accessed from:

Who can see Private Folders?

Private Folder Settings

Adding a Private Folder Manually

After a new user has been created, you can give them their own folder by:

Hiding Private Folders From Admins

By default, Personal folders are not hidden from administrators. However, as an advanced feature, admin access can also be blocked by using "Block Inheritance" on the Private Folder.

Option A: Keep Blocked Access Locked

The setting "Automatically Block Inheritance" can be turned on from the start. Each subsequent Private Folder will be hidden.

Option B: Allow Restoration of Access

If you wish it to be reversible in case an employee leaves, but still don't want to allow admins regular day-to-day access.

Note: Currently these steps must be manually setup for each individual user folder.

Automatic restoration options will be provided soon!

Follow these steps per individual folder:

  1. Uncheck the option "Automatically Block Inheritance"

  2. Create a custom Access Level to Restore Inheritance :

  3. Assign Restore Inheritance ability to trustworthy individuals, such as admins:

    • From Web client Home -> Select the Private Folders folder -> Folder Actions -> User Access -> Add Access for User

    • Add access for a user or role to the Restore Inheritance access level

    • If Private Folders doesn't exist, you may need to create a folder for someone first from Advanced -> Private Folders.

  4. Block Access Inheritance:

    • Navigate to: User Access -> Click Block Access Inheritance,
    • Read the warning, and proceed (if you so choose). 
    • You should now see an icon next to the folder indicating that inheritance is blocked and you shouldn't be able to view inside the folder.