External Entry Hosts

External Entry Hosts are remote servers which store credential information for your user accounts. Once these are defined, Password Server can connect and import records as an entry.

Once the passwords are manually synchronized, Password Server can set the passwords and change the passwords on a schedule.

Note that the initial passwords themselves cannot be imported, except if integrating with Microsoft LAPS using a script. Please contact Support for more details.

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Supported Host Types

Auto Changer currently supports:

AD/LDAP User Directories which have been setup for User import, can be reused as a Host Type with the same configuration.

Setting up an External Entry Host

External Entry Hosts are managed from Advanced > Entries > External Entry Hosts. Only users with the "External Entry Hosts" permission can see this page.




The grid shows all the Hosts that have been configured.  Host configuration can be updated, but cannot be deleted if there is an External Entry from that Host in the system.


External Entry Host Configuration Fields

Common Fields
Additional Fields

Active Directory / OpenLDAP Host Type

User Directory Host Type

Unix Host Type