K. Language Settings

(Versions 7.3.5+)

Using the System Language settings administrators can set the specific language for all web client users, or let the users decide which language they prefer.

Languages Available:


* Languages still in progress

Ongoing Development Updates

Due to continuous development, language localization is an ongoing process and some lines of English may still persist even after changing your preferences. If you have any questions or suggested revisions, please contact us with the phrase and an explanation.

User Language Preference Dropdown

Adjusting System Language

System-wide settings can be changed from:

Access Permissions For Language Settings

This is accessible with the Global Settings role permission:

Adjusting User Language

If User Preference is selected, a dropdown becomes visible to users on the login page and in the user's profile

The user's system language is selected by default.

User Language Autodedection Dropdown

How Autodetect works