Setting Up YubiKey Authentication

(Versions 7+)

This is a quick guide to setting up with YubiKey Hardware Key authentication with Pleasant Password Server.

For background information on YubiKey Authentication Services: start here.

Before you begin, make sure you:

Note: Remember which of your YubiKey's two configuration slots you are using with Password Server - using the
wrong slot will cause errors.

Supported YubiKey Devices

More info: Compare YubiKeys

Step 1: Create a new Policy (Optional)

Create a new Policy: to use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

Step 2: Configure the Two Factor Policy

Step 3: Configure the User for YubiKey

Step 4: Authenticate with YubiKey

Choosing Your Two Factor Authenticator

Users with more than one 2FA Provider configured (whether directly or via their roles) will be prompted to chose one during login: