Self-Service Password Reset Enrollment

(Enterprise, Enterprise+, Enterprise+SSO, Stand-Alone Reset Server)

Password Server users can reset passwords in Password Server by first Enrolling and setting the Answers for their Reset Challenge Policy questions.

Note: With the Enterprise edition, only Local users are able to Enroll with Login Resets.

The following user types may have the ability to use Resets (depending on their Edition & their Policy's Reset Challenge settings):

1. (Enterprise+) Import Reset Users

 Import Reset User settings

 Import visible or selected reset users



2. (Enterprise+) Attach / Create a Reset Policy

You can create a User Policy just for Reset Users, or use one of the Policies for your Password Server Users.

Reset Users will be assigned to the Default Reset Policy, which can be changed in:

Create a default reset policy


3. Create a Reset Challenge

Reset Challenges are essentially the Administrator set rules and questions a Reset User must follow and answer to reset their password. Set up details can be seen under Challenge Configuration.

Set Allow Resets to Enabled to activate.

Create a Reset Challenge

The Reset Challenges must have a User Policy assigned to them to function.
Reset Users will automatically be imported with the Default Reset Policy from step 1.
Enterprise+ Users can have multiple Policies and thus multiple Reset Challenges assigned to them. 

 Set Reset Policies

4. Reset User Self-Enrollment

Reset Users must still Enroll to use Self Service AD/LDAP Reset, because the Challenge questions must set by the end user.

Note: Users are not considered enrolled until they have setup all the requirements of their Reset Challenge.

When they log in, they can navigate to a Configuration page:

 Manage Account Profile

5. Configure Domain Password Policy

6. (Enterprise+) Customize Enrollment Reminder Email

 Enrollment Reminder email

7. (Enterprise+) Manage Enrollment



8. Self-Service Password Reset

Once users are enrolled, they can reset their passwords via:

 Self-Service Password Reset



Double-check the following settings: