Disconnected Users

(Versions 7.5.14+)

A Directory user becomes disconnected when Password Sever does not have the information required to link the user in the Password Server to the user object in the configured Directory.  Since the user cannot be found, Password Server cannot attempt to bind the user with the provided password and complete the login.

This can happen:


Reconnecting Users

Disconnected users will be shown on the User Administration page (Users and Roles > Manage Users):

Disconnected Users

To reconnect the user, go to Actions > Reconnect User to Directory

 Reconnecting Users

Password Server will first search the user's Directory for a user object with the same username. If one can be found, you will see the following screen.

Found User

Clicking Confirm will sync the Password Server user to the found user in the Directory and Reconnect the user.


If no user with the same username can be found, or No, sync to another directory user is selected, you will be taken to a page similar to the Import User page

 No User Found

From here you can filter objects from the AD and find the user in the Directory you would like to sync to Reconnect the Password Server user.  Click Sync as selected user to complete the operation.