Notifications allow Administrators or other permitted users to setup and receive email notifications based on various User Access permissions. They allow recipients to receive immediate email updates rather than having to review the logs.

For a simple Configuration Guide: see Notification Configuration


Notification Triggers

Notification Triggers indicate which events will cause a Notification to be sent. They are reusable and customizable and help control the amount of email.

Example Usage

For example, you may only want Notifications sent out if:

These actions and many more are customized via Notification Triggers.

Triggers vs. Access Levels:  Notification Triggers look similar to Access Levels, but operate differently.

Setup Notifications

It is possible to add a Notification to an Entry or to a Folder from the menu. The Configuration displays the following:

Adding a Notification to a folder will also activate on all the sub folders and entries.

Leaving Triggering Roles/Users blank, will trigger the notification when anyone makes the changes.

For Password Expiry notification triggers, the field "Notify When Password Expires" will display and must have a value when it is assigned. If the Access Level has changed you may need to re-create the assignment with this information.

Notification Names:

It's important to setup Notifications with unique names, because they will:

Receiving Email

Email must be setup, and the email address confirmed for each user (see Initial Email Setup below).

When a "Recipient Role" is set for a notification, ALL users associated to the Role will receive a notification.

Receiving Multiple Notifications

Emails are combined: if a user would be a Recipient of multiple Notifications from the same Trigger action, they will not receive multiple emails. The subject line of the email will just include all Notifications applicable to the Triggered Event.

For example, adding 1) a "Modify" Trigger Notification on a "Wifi Credential" entry & 2) another "Modify" Trigger Notification on the "Common" Folder could cause the Recipients to receive an email with the subject:

Triggers - Are Not Activated When...


Initial Email Setup

Before you begin to set up Notifications, some initial steps must be taken.

Step 1: Configure Email


Step 2: Confirm User Email Addresses

If an intended Recipient does not have a confirmed email configured in their profile, they cannot receive a notification.



There is some setup involved in configuring notifications, before emails can be received. Double-check the steps in these sections: