Password Generation and Password Profiles

(Web Client)

The Pleasant Password Server web client provides the capability to create password profiles and auto-generate Strong Passwords based on select criteria.

Paired with the convenience of storing your passwords, so you don't have to remember them, you can now have incredibly secure passwords with very little effort. 

Both the web client and the KeePass for Pleasant client provide password generation. For the desktop client: see KeePass Password Generation (external link).

Password Profiles:

Password Generator: 

Supported Criteria:

Pleasant Password Server supports the following criteria for password generation:

Password Profiles

The Password Profiles allow the generation of multiple passwords using the same Criteria, and provide the capability to re-use specific password criteria.

Creating a Password Profile: The Password Profiles can be managed from:

Add a new Password Profile by clicking "Add new record". Name the Profile and set the desired criteria.

These profiles can be edited and deleted as needed.

Editing a Password Profile: does not affect existing passwords, only future passwords generated using the profile.

password profiles

Using a Password Profile: Once a Password Profile is created, they can be used to generate a password for any entry via the:


Note: You will still need to Save the Entry settings to save the generated password.

Password Generator

If you are looking for a one-time password generation for a specific entry that you do not intend to reuse, the Password Generator will be more applicable to your needs.

The Password Generator is accessed from the: