Migrate Pleasant Password Server

If you want to transfer password entries to a new computer, you can use the migration process, or use a simple KeePass export and import.

The server migration process is to simply follow the backup procedure on the old host and then restore the database on the new host.

The database stores all the data, which includes settings and audit logs. But be sure to save your encyption keys and database connection string.


Migration Options Summary

Migration Steps

You can use these basic steps to upgrade (Enterprise or higher):

  1. Download and Install the same PPASS version (or newer) on the new machine.
  2. Backup your current production machine, (keeping the backup encryption key).
  3. Stop the current service/IIS site.
  4. Copy this backup file to a fileshare visible on the new server.
  5. Update the the server's connection string (using service config utility)
  6. Then Restore this backup file (using the backup encryption key) onto the new server.
  7. Once the Restore is complete, restart the new service/IIS site.


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Please follow these troubleshooting steps.


Complete File Migration

You may also wish to thoroughly save all related file information and/or copy them to the new machine. Especially if any custom install configurations have been made.

Steps: First copy all file / information from the old installation to the new machine, and then install over-top.

Data Recovery

The above steps can also be followed in the case of Data Recovery. See additional Data Recovery Options.