Moving Your Passwords From Google Chrome to Password Server

Users prefer Pleasant Password Server with a KeePass client!

Chrome has made it easier to export your passwords, to bring them into a dedicated password storage. Assist your users, facilitating the moving of your business passwords and securing them centrally!

Chrome offers to store your Logins and Passwords unless it is turned off, then it uses them to automatically Auto-Fill them into web-pages, uploading your Credentials to its Cloud.

  • Recommendation: This feature can be turned off by an individual user, or corporately by group policies, to further safeguard your privacy and most important assets.

Google Browser Navigation:

  • Open Settings > Advanced > Manage passwords

From here an individual user can create a CSV export file to be imported into Password Server.

Now that a user has exported this CSV file, they can then import them to a centralized folder of their choice using the KeePass for Pleasant Password Server.