Updating Software

We recommend keeping updated with security software upgrades, which can be downloaded from the website. Currently, for added safety precautions, the software will not auto-update itself.

Upgrades and Support are included in your subscription plan (renewed annually). Select to install a software version which was created before your License Expiry date.

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Versions 7.3.5 and earlier:

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  1. Confirm your Maintenance Subscription
    • Determine your subscription's Expiry Date, and if your subscription is expired, renew it before you continue to the steps below. Either:
      • Click Check License Status button on License Status page to confirm expiry date
      • Enter your License Key on this page and click Upgrade/Renew
  2. Make a backup
    • Note: There is no way to restore a previous version without a backup.
      • Ensure the encryption key is saved: which is needed for Backup/Restore functionality, or Encrypted SQLite databases.
    • Reference: Items included in the Database Backup
  3. Download and Run the Installer
    • If you are running versions 7.3.5 or earlier: Update an Earlier Version
    • If you are running versions 7.3.7 or later, install these directly:
    • Stable version (recommended)
    • Latest version
      • Contains the newest features and fixes. Some of these features may still be undergoing additional Quality Assurance (not recommended for large enterprise implementations)

    • Please note: After upgrading please be patient as the service may take some time to restart. Version updates are being applied to the database.
    • This time will vary depending on the number of releases between the version updates.
    • If you find there is a long delay please see these notes.
  4. Re-apply custom config settings
  5. Reactivate License Key on License Tab
    • This is only necessary to refresh the license status, or if license details have be cleared out.


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The upgrade of Password Server is a quick and simple process on all Windows Servers, Computers, and VM's mentioned here. Sometimes however, an unexpected problem may occur, and in this situation please:

Update KeePass Client

If you update Password Server, you and your users should also update KeePass Client.

Download the version the best corresponds to your Password Server version from:

Changing Servers

Some users may choose to switch servers as part of their upgrade procedure.

It is recommended to migrate your database between two servers running the same version of Pleasant Password Server using the Database Backup feature.

(See Migration Steps, with information and links are provided.)

However in instances of server failure or incompatibility with new versions, this may not be possible.

In such cases, move your database to the new server and follow the Updating Software instructions.

Further Reference: Items included in the Database Backup

Locating your database file

Previous Versions