Installing Web Platform Installer on a Server without Internet Access

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Microsoft's Web Platform Installer uses the internet to install the components and dependencies needed.

An alternative to this, is to use the included WebPiCmd utility to first create an install package, and then copy this to run on our isolated server.

Step 1: Create an Install Package

  • On a machine with internet access, download and Install Web Platform Installer
  • Create a install package using WebPiCmd. This will download all 16 or more dependencies that we need to an output folder (e.g. c:\temp\wpi):
    • Open Command Prompt (in admin mode) to:
      • C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer
    • Use this command line to install 3 modules (URL Rewrite 2, ASP .NET 4.5, and IIS: Application Initialization).
      • Note: There are no spaces between the listed products:
        • WebpiCmd /offline /products:URLRewrite2,ASPNET45,AppWarmUp /path:c:\temp\wpi

Step 2: Run the Install Package on the Isolated Server

  • Copy the output folder (e.g. c: empwpi) to the Server2, that does not have internet
  • Open Command Prompt (in admin mode) to the bin folder in the output directory (e.g. c:\temp\wpi\bin)
  • Run this command, being sure to change the path to use the same output directory location:


WebPiCmd.exe /Install /Products:UrlRewrite2,StaticContent,WASProcessModel,IISManagementConsole,WASConfigurationAPI,NetFx4Extended-ASPNET45,UrlRewrite2Beta,ASPNET45,NetFxExtensibility45,RequestFiltering,WASNetFxEnvironment,NetFx3,ISAPIExtensions,ISAPIFilters,DefaultDocument,AppWarmUp /XML:C:\Temp\wpi\feeds\latest\WebProductList.xml