IIS Hosting

(Versions 7.9.0+)

Hosting with IIS (Internet Information Services) provides a full management interface to configure the network traffic to your website.

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Benefits of IIS Hosting

IIS provides more features, scalability, & robustness than the lightweight IIS Express. IIS Express is a smaller, self-contained version, which is installed by default and starts as a task with the Pleasant Password Server service.

Below are the migration steps, which in the future, will be replaced with a more automated solution.


Migration Steps From IIS Express to IIS

Step 1: Copy your Application files to the IIS Machine

Do this step if you are migrating to a different machine running IIS. (Otherwise, skip to Step 2).


Step 2: Install your Application on IIS

Step 3: Run Web Platform Installer

Step 4: Create a New IIS Site

Step 5: Configure the IIS Site

Step 6: Configure the IIS Application Pool User


Option A - LocalSystem (easiest)
Option B - Service Account
Option C - ApplicationPoolIdentity (default, recommended)

Choosing this route will likely entail more challenging setup steps of account permissions.

Step 7: Configure the IIS Application Pool Settings

Step 8: Configure the Application Pool User Permissions

Step 9: Start the IIS site


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