Server Core Install

(Windows Server Standard or Windows Server Datacenter)

Here are steps to prepare you for installation on Windows Server Core, that is, editions without "Desktop Experience".

Pleasant Password Server can be administered primarily through a Web interface, making it a prime candidate for installing & running on "Server Core".

Please Note:

  • These steps are provided: because currently the application installer uses a graphical interface
  • Improving these steps are in progress and are provided as-is. (see the acknowledgment at the bottom)
  • Please check back for further updates!

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Benefits & Drawbacks

Benefits to using Server Core are:

However, the edition is limited:

For more info: see What is Server Core installation option in Window Server

Configuring Windows Server Core

Step 1: Enable Windows Remote Management

Step 2: Get Windows Powershell Update

Step 3: Register & Run Microsoft Updates

Step 4: Set Power Plan to High Performance

Step 5: Set TimeZone

Step 6: Reduce boot delay

Step 7: Disable IPv6

Install Password Server

From here, we will use PowerShell to run the executable and launch the installation gui, and can even click through through prompts as usual.

Step 8: Download & Install Pleasand Password Server

Step 9: Login from another machine

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Optionally: Change the Certificate, Port, or Database

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