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Sound Designer (Post Effects)

Not your everyday sound position. Challenging and fast moving, yet friendly and supportive: a career practicing your art that you will look forward to every day. Work with incredibly talented artists in an exciting environment where every month is different.

Positions Available:

  • Part time contract and/or full time film sound designer
  • Other Positions: We are also hiring for video editor, motion designer, 3D generalist animators (non-character), director of photography (focus on artisting lighting), and more. You may apply for multiple positions separately. If you know someone in any of these areas, please do them a quick and friendly favour by letting them know about this posting.

Position Overview:

  • Position is permanent and steady for both the full time position and the part time position.
  • Contract position would involved several days per month steady.
  • Flexible hours (for example: choose to start your day between 6am and 10am, work late some days and shorter on others).
  • 85% internal projects (for multiple product lines), 15% client projects.
  • Focus on post-production: position does not require sound equipment handling during shooting days (although we can optionally make use of such secondary talents if you have them).
  • Focus on achieving noticeably remarkable and portfolio-worthy results, with only some projects that simply need to be done in a short timeframe (we aim to win awards for our work).
  • The same variety as working at an agency, but without the cutting corners to deliver too quickly.
  • Engage in constructive debate to challenge your artistic choices; standing up for your choices, while being willing to use respectful criticism, with or without the sugar coating, to iterate into even better designs.
  • Mixing and selecting sound effects, ambience, and music to a cinematic level of quality.
  • May involved folly sound creation where your skills allow.
  • Technical elements of sound including importing sound streams, sound leveling and balancing, mixing, removing background noise, changing ambient feel to the sound, and removing accidental noises.
  • Gain experience with numerous video types: entertainment videos (like drama short stories), animated explainer videos, YouTube commercials, infographic videos, company culture interviews, training videos, and short snippits for social media.
  • Collaborating with 3D character animators (for lip syncing or otherwise), director, camera artists, and others.
  • Assisting with selecting and guiding voice talent.
  • Does not involve constant tight deadlines nor overtime that lead to results you are not proud of; there is pressure but it is manageable and work has steady hours.
  • Does not involve TV broadcasting (low quality, restrictive timings).
  • High end equipment is typically used at the studio.


  • Passionate about video storytelling and sound specifically
  • Can dig deep for stunning results
  • Superb understanding of how sound affects perception of quality and engagement of viewers
  • Solid sense of timing
  • Attention to detail
  • Takes pride in work
  • No specific requirements for formal education or industry experience. We evaluate each applicant based on merit and potential rather than formalities, however a portfolio is required.

Nice To Have:

  • Experience in a wide variety of sound design for film

About The Work Environment:

  • Friendly, non-threatening, and non-political environment.
  • We are a great environment for both outgoing people and those who are very shy and introverted (so long as it fits the part).
  • Auditions are done efficiently, performers can expect very short wait times at auditions, aiming for less than 15 minutes.
  • Seating available before audition, no standing line-ups.
  • Typically auditions will be done in front of a green-screen with cameras running.
  • Our productions are typically scripted by our own full-time professional writers and video edited by our own full-time, professional editors.
  • Many productions are in the studio and green-screen, but some shoots will be on-location.

About The Company:

  • Pleasant Solutions is a dynamic company headquartered in Edmonton, a large satellite office in Toronto/Vancouver, and small satellite offices across Canada and the USA (including in Calgary, Ottawa, Saskatoon, New York, Denver, Boston, etc)
  • We have been an enterprise software services company since 2007, and have just recently launched a studio for our own innovative video productions as well as client contracted productions.
  • We may be the largest capacity video marketing studio in Western Canada except for television and news stations (we have not confirmed this, but it appears to be the case).
  • Silicon Valley kind of excitement and growth potential.
  • Fast growth: One of the 200 fastest growing technology companies in North America with 955% growth over 5 years (based on growth rates in published rankings of the 2014 Profit 500 and 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast 500). Canadian Profit Guide ranked us #88 out of 500 for fast growth in Canada, announced in Sept 2015.
  • Full of smart and passionate people whom you can learn from.
  • We do a mix of in-house product development, software development services, electronics manufacturing, marketing services, and IT services. For consulting, we build both large and small custom projects. Our in-house products include the high-security Pleasant Password Server, an innovative tool that lets non-technical people build their own web applications using spreadsheets, an event ticketing system, and other business software.
  • An innovative technology company with an aim of achieving results in creative ways.
  • Socially conscious (for example, we pay for employees to sponsor hundreds of WorldVision children).


  • What do you have to lose by exploring the possibility? Applying does not take long and we keep your application confidential (never disclosed to existing employer).
  • Apply online today at
  • Even if you don't have your resume updated or ready to go, apply anyways, we want to hear from you!
  • Please do not apply via email, apply only by visiting the site.


  • sound designer
  • dialogue editor
  • sound editor
  • re-recording mixer
  • music supervisor
  • composer
  • foley artist
  • score mixer
  • music editor
  • post-production sound
  • sound post-production
  • sound production
  • sound artist
  • sound studio
  • cinematic sound design
  • film sound design
  • foley artist
  • Plurals:
  • sound designers
  • dialogue editors
  • sound editors
  • re-recording mixers
  • music supervisors
  • composers
  • foley artists
  • score mixers
  • music editors
  • post-production sounds
  • sound post-productions
  • sound productions
  • sound artists
  • sound studios
  • cinematic sound designs
  • film sound designs
  • foley artists
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