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Not your everyday housekeeper position. A mix of organizing and assisting with getting kids out the door in the morning.

Positions Available:

  • Housekeeper for a CEO's family residence.
  • Full-time or a bit less than full time and salaried. Half time would be considered for the right candidate.

Position Overview:

  • A mix of de-cluttering and putting away items throughout house, and assisting with getting kids out the door in the morning.
  • Not washroom cleaning.
  • Not cleaning dishes frequently.
  • Summertime: hours become more flexible, less about morning time routine, and we welcome more help with kids but that is not a requirement.
  • A typical day would look something like the following:
  • Arrive at around 715am.
  • Make some bacon and eggs on the mini-grill.
  • Pack lunches kids for kids, with snacks and yesterday's left overs.
  • Help keep a couple elementary-age kids on track to eat, pack their backpacks and get out the door for school on time.
  • Once kids gone, start washing machines and fold laundry.
  • Eat the lunch your brought with you.
  • Pick up all toys and miscellaneous objects around the house and put them away.
  • Random tasks like watering plants and dusting.
  • Make progress on organizing storage boxes, finding missing items.
  • Lastly, miscellaneous driving to pickup groceries, drop off items, etc.


  • Car (bus service not available near the destination)
  • Comfortable with some kaos from fast moving and active kids in the morning.
  • Lots of smiles and stays calm in hectic home.
  • Flexibility in the types of cleanup and assistance that can be provided.

Nice To Have:

  • Reliable and stable attendance.

About The Company:

  • Pleasant Solutions is a dynamic company headquartered in Edmonton, a large satellite office in Toronto and Vancouver, and small satellite offices across Canada (including in Calgary, Ottawa, etc).
  • Pleasant Solutions Group of Companies does a variety of things, often focused on technology and software.
  • Aside from the direct focus of this position, we are also exploring beginning several new business lines including a very unique kind of cafe and restaurant, and positions such as this can help us learn and prepare for such new business lines.
  • Stable and well diversified.
  • Socially conscious (for example, we pay for employees to sponsor hundreds of WorldVision children).
  • Achieved zero layoffs throughout Covid.



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