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Hair and Makeup Stylist

Not your everyday stylist position. Collaborate with a full in-house video production team on portfolio-worthy projects: a steady job you will look forward to.

Position Available:

  • Part-time hair and makeup stylist for video production, with optional wardrobe styling duties.
  • We are also hiring for other positions (videographer / shoot producer, graphic designer, etc.). If you know someone in any of these areas, please do them a quick and friendly favour by letting them know about this posting.

Position Overview:

  • Permanent and steady position.
  • Dates can be scheduled well in advance if you need them to be.
  • Hours are generally during traditional office hours, as opposed to evenings.
  • Days are typically between 5 to 8 hours long when video production is scheduled.
  • Duties will include styling hair, applying video-shoot makeup, and optionally assisting with wardrobe selection.
  • Stylist should be an expert in using hot tools, styling products, brushes, and makeup (particularly photo-ready or on-camera specific products). You do not need to own all of this equipment already.
  • Stylist will not be required to bring wardrobe, only to provide styling tips and assistance when requested.
  • Stylist will not be required to provide haircuts, but we are open to that if your skills allow for it.
  • Work in a respectful and safe environment with great people. You will naturally be expected to promote that environment by sanitizing tools and applicators between actors.
  • Clients will consist mainly of our employees and executives, company clients, and professional actors.
  • Focus on achieving noticeably remarkable, Hollywood-level, portfolio-worthy results.
  • Opportunity to collaborate on projects for exciting, award-winning products and services, with world-class video editors, videographers, script writers, and motion graphics designers.
  • Occasional opportunities to work with famous actors for videos and other advertisements.
  • Occasional opportunities to optionally assist with movie costume designing and even special FX makeup and hair.
  • Employee will be on company payroll. No issues receiving prompt payment as agreed upon, unlike the common problems found in moonlighting short-term jobs.
  • Travel is rare but may be occasionally required.
  • Stylist position is not in a rushed salon setting where you only perform one type of styling or where quality results aren't appreciated or aren't captured on video for the long term.


  • Very skilled with both female and male hair styles.
  • Very skilled with both female and male video make-up.
  • Able to work in a standing position for long periods of time.
  • Takes pride in work.
  • No specific requirements for education or industry experience. We evaluate each applicant based on merit rather than formalities.

About The Work Environment:

  • Friendly, non-threatening, and non-political environment.
  • We are a great environment for both outgoing people and those who are very shy and introverted (so long as it fits the part).
  • Auditions are done efficiently, performers can expect very short wait times at auditions, aiming for less than 15 minutes.
  • Seating available before audition, no standing line-ups.
  • Typically auditions will be done in front of a green-screen with cameras running.
  • Our productions are typically scripted by our own full-time professional writers and video edited by our own full-time, professional editors.
  • Many productions are in the studio and green-screen, but some shoots will be on-location.

About The Company:

  • Pleasant Solutions is a dynamic company headquartered in Edmonton, a large satellite office in Toronto/Vancouver, and small satellite offices across Canada and the USA (including in Calgary, Ottawa, Saskatoon, New York, Denver, Boston, etc)
  • We have just recently launched a studio for our own innovative video productions as well as client contracted productions, but we have also been an enterprise software services company since 2007.
  • The studio team has won multiple awards already.
  • We are the most advanced video studio in Western Canada. We might also be, although not fully confirmed, the largest capacity video marketing studio in Western Canada except for television and news stations.
  • Silicon Valley kind of excitement and growth potential.
  • Fast growth: One of the 200 fastest growing technology companies in North America with 955% growth over 5 years (based on growth rates in published rankings of the 2014 Profit 500 and 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast 500). Canadian Profit Guide ranked us #88 out of 500 for fast growth in Canada, announced in Sept 2015.
  • Full of smart and passionate people whom you can learn from.
  • We do a mix of in-house product development, software development services, electronics manufacturing, marketing services, and IT services. For consulting, we build both large and small custom projects. Our in-house products include the high-security Pleasant Password Server, an innovative tool that lets non-technical people build their own web applications using spreadsheets, an event ticketing system, and other business software.
  • An innovative technology company with an aim of achieving results in creative ways.
  • Socially conscious (for example, we pay for employees to sponsor hundreds of WorldVision children).
  • Achieved zero layoffs throughout Covid.



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