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Account Manager (Sales)

Not your everyday account manager position. Fast moving, great variety of opportunities, and backed by a fast growth and stable company. A job you will look forward to every day. Work with intelligent people in an exciting environment where every month has the opportunity to be better than the last.

Positions Available:

  • Multiple full time sales positions available, both junior and senior levels.
  • Positions available in both our headquarters as well as our several satellite sales offices.
  • This is not a work from home position, work is from the office when not meeting with clients.
  • Flexibility to provide input into office location to reduce your travel times, for new territories. You can choose which surrounding area/town or even downtown. For existing offices, moving the office location will be considered within the first year.
  • Custom tailored and part-time will occasionally be considered for candidates that are seeking primarily to focus on leveraging an exceptional rolodex rather than a typical sales positions.

Position Overview:

  • Base + commission structure that is extremely lucrative for shooting star performers.
  • Absolutely no commission caps: we strongly believe in mutual unlimited upside.
  • Generally, you will get a variety of four types of work, as listed below.
  • First is initial response and nurturing of new incoming clients contacting us about specific project needs due to our marketing programs.
  • Second is cross-selling and upselling to new and existing clients across all of our offerings. Sometimes, this involves navigating a client's company contacts to reach a new department or branch office.
  • Third is prospecting and nurturing of warm-lead lists derived from whitepaper signups, the cold call department's campaigns, newsletter subscribers, and your existing network of contacts.
  • Lastly, responding to occasional proposal requests.
  • Flexible hours (for example: choose to start your day between 6am and 10am, work late some days and shorter on others).
  • Variety and flexibility to focus on any selection of offerings across software development services (our core), software products, and IT services.
  • We have offerings with both short and long sales cycles that typically run between 1 month and 1 year, for both smaller businesses as well as large enterprise and government clients.
  • Does not require completely-cold prospecting (the amount of that is up to each employee's discretion).
  • Opportunity to be rewarded for introducing company-wide sales initiatives (for example: lunch-n-learns, golf tournaments, and whatever your experience shows is something we should start).
  • Supported by other departments that are involved in the presales cycle including business analysts, infrastructure analysts, and occasionally the project managers.
  • Being a trusted advisor to clients and prospects, spotting opportunities within the client's stories for win-wins.
  • Responsible for meeting annual revenue targets.
  • Opportunity for advancement (help train and lead employees as the company grows further).


  • Passionate about sales, and exceptionally good at it.
  • Hungry for results.
  • Familiar with business-to-business sales.

Nice To Have:

  • Experience in selling software services or products.
  • Experience in selling IT services or products.
  • Experience in any particular vertical where needs are a good match for our lines of business.
  • Existing rolodex of contacts that you can leverage and be rewarded for.

About The Work Environment:

  • Friendly, non-threatening, and non-political environment.
  • Mid-sized company but retaining the speed and flexibility of a smaller company.
  • We are a great environment for both outgoing people and those who are very shy and introverted (applicable to non-client facing positions).
  • We strive to have every employee sitting near a window for natural light and to have plenty of plants throughout the office; we care about employee health.
  • Additional perks that are cost-shared like motorized sit-stand desks.
  • Task focused: everyone in the company heavily uses centralized to-do lists to stay organized, prioritize, and coordinate.
  • Fast paced
  • Headquarters: Free onsite massage therapy.
  • Headquarters: Private nap rooms for isolated thinking time or for taking a nap if you didn’t sleep well last night.
  • Headquarters: Social events worth remembering (fencing competitions, curling, video game or board game parties, coding competitions, commando combat training, robotics club coming soon, etc).
  • Headquarters: Unlimited access to pillage our kitchens for caffeine, sugar, healthy snacks, soups, and more :)

About The Company:

  • Pleasant Solutions USA is headquartered in Wyoming, with existing offices in Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Columbus, and other areas.
  • Pleasant Solutions USA is immediately expanding satellite sales offices in Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, throughout New York state, Seattle, and other cities.
  • Silicon Valley kind of excitement and growth potential.
  • Fast growth: Parent company is one of the 200 fastest growing technology companies in North America with 955% growth over 5 years (based on growth rates in published rankings of the 2014 Profit 500 and 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast 500).
  • Stable and well diversified.
  • We operate a substantial video marketing studio that has won multiple awards.
  • Full of smart and passionate people whom you can learn from.
  • Very low employee turn-over rate, attesting to the value of working here.
  • We do a mix of in-house product development, software development services, and IT services. For consulting, we build both large and small custom software for clients who need an internal system or are commercializing an idea. Our in-house products include the high-security Pleasant Password Server, an innovative tool that lets non-technical people build their own web applications using spreadsheets, an event ticketing system, and other business software.
  • An innovative software producer with an aim of achieving results in creative ways.
  • We develop high quality software you will take pride in. Our company name says it all.
  • Socially conscious (for example, we pay for employees to sponsor hundreds of WorldVision children).



  • senior
  • account manager
  • senior account manager
  • technical account manager
  • sales representative
  • senior sales representative
  • technical sales representative
  • sales analyst
  • relationship manager
  • technical relationship manager
  • sales executive
  • senior sales executive
  • technical sales executive
  • presales account manager
  • solution consultant
  • proposal writer
  • RFP coordinator
  • inside sales representative
  • outside sales representative
  • business development
  • business development manager
  • sales engineer
  • senior sales engineer
  • Plurals:
  • seniors
  • account managers
  • senior account managers
  • technical account managers
  • sales representatives
  • senior sales representatives
  • technical sales representatives
  • sales analysts
  • relationship managers
  • technical relationship managers
  • sales executives
  • senior sales executives
  • technical sales executives
  • presales account managers
  • solution consultants
  • proposal writers
  • RFP coordinators
  • inside sales representatives
  • outside sales representatives
  • business developments
  • business development managers
  • sales engineers
  • senior sales engineers
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